We have a team of skilled developers and designers that can help you with anything from installation and project planning to design, implementation, delivery and support. Here are just some of the things we can help you with.

Analytics Application Development

Need help building your Domo® Qlik® Sense or Web application, migrating to a new version or expanding your deployment? Our expert consultants can enhance your solutions by creating powerful dashboards, building fully custom interfaces, integrate with other tools and much more.


Web Application Development

Want to have a fully customised experience with your data. We can build a website, web app or mashup that looks exactly how you want, using the technologies that you want. With experience in frameworks such as React and Angular as well as our own custom built frameworks, we can design, build and maintain all your web solutions.


Visualization Development

Looking to add extra functionality or include new visualisations in your existing dashboards or web apps? We can build custom visualizations and tools with the latest technologies, including d3, for all of your application needs.


Application Health Checks and Code Reviews

App running slow? We can help! We'll look at every aspect of your Domo®, Qlik® or Web application and provide our recommendations on the best way to improve it.


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