The Qlik APIs for Web Developers

Course Overview


This course is aimed at the more experienced Web Developer that wants to learn about how Qlik and the APIs can help them develop powerful visual analytics applications.


This course will help the experience Web Developer understand the power and possibilities of the Qlik Analytics Platform and how to build solutions using various APIs.


To attend the course you'll need to bring a laptop running Windows and with Qlik Sense Desktop installed.

Course Outline

This course covers how to use both the Capability and Engine APIs and highlights which should be used and when. Learn how the Qlik Engine functions and how to leverage its subscription model to create powerful applications with minimal code.

The new concepts you'll be introduced to are -

  • Qlik Capability APIs

    • Global API

    • App API

    • Visualization API

    • Variable API

  • Enigma.js

  • Qlik Engine API

  • Generic Objects

  • Qlik Patches

  • 3rd party visualisation libraries

Course Dates

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