QlikView App Designer

Course Overview


This course is for Business Users, Business Analysts, or anyone wanting to learn how to create charts, dashboards, reports, or analyse their data using QlikView.


By the end of this course you will understand how to start building powerful dashboards with QlikView.


To attend the course you'll need to bring a laptop running Windows and with QlikView Desktop installed.

Course Outline

This course covers key fundamentals for creating charts in QlikView. Learn skills from basic data loading, adding charts, writing Qlik expressions, creating reports, as well as how to use QlikView for analysis and data discovery.

The new concepts you'll be introduced to are -

  • Getting started with QlikView

  • Basic data loading

  • Adding listboxes & chart

  • Key chart properties

  • Visual Cues

  • Bookmarks

  • Reports

  • Set Analysis

  • Expressions functions

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